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New Dance Studio in Boynton Beach. Now Taking Registration! Level Up Dance Company.

level up dance company - dance studio in boynton beach
New dance studio in boynton beach - level up dance company

Are you ready to let your child's inner dancer shine? September is just around the corner, and it's the perfect time to embark on a thrilling journey into the world of dance. Whether they are a seasoned dancer looking to refine their skills or a complete beginner eager to explore the magic of movement, Level Up Dance Company's dance classes offer something for everyone.

**1. Hip-Hop: Unleash your dancer's inner swagger with an electrifying hip-hop class with Mr. Cary where they can learn dynamic choreography that blends different hip-hop styles, and puts your dancer's skills to the test.

**2. Pre Ballet: Does your little one dance around your living room like a prima ballerina? Maybe what they need is a class with Ms. Alison. This class is perfect for little beginners who have tons of energy, and need the structure of a professionally taught class.

**3. Contemporary: Let your dancer dive into the world of contemporary dance, where emotion meets movement. Level Up Dance Company's Contemporary instructors will guide them through fluid motions, intricate floorwork, and meaningful storytelling through dance.

All of the above, and so much more! Contact Level Up Dance Company today and get ready to see your dancer love the art like never before! | Level Up Dance Company - Dance Studio in Boynton Beach | 561-888-3204 call/text

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